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TWiki Skins

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Using Cascading Style Sheets

The regular templates files currently do not use style sheets. Many skin developers choose to use them, it helps in separating style from content.
Although work is underway at TWiki:Codev.CssClassNames, the regular templates files currently do not use style sheets. Many skin developers, however, choose to use them; it helps in separating style from content.
  Example: To use a style sheet for the broadcast message, add this to view.myskin.tmpl:
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Attachment Tables

Controlling the look and feel of attachment tables is a little bit more complex than for the rest of a skin. By default the attachment table is a standard TWiki table, and the look is controlled in the same ay as other tables. In a very few cases you may want to change the content of the table as well.

The format of standard attachment tables is defined through the use of special TWiki template macros which by default are defined in the templates/twiki.tmpl template using the %TMPL:DEF macro syntax described in TWikiTemplates. These macros are:

Macro Description
ATTACH:files:header Standard title bar
ATTACH:files:row Standard row
ATTACH:files:footer Footer for all screens
ATTACH:files:header:A Title bar for upload screens, with attributes column
ATTACH:files:row:A Row for upload screen
ATTACH:files:footer:A Footer for all screens
The format of tables of file versions in the Upload screen are also formattable, using the macros:
Macro Description
ATTACH:versions:header Header for versions table on upload screen
ATTACH:versions:row Row format for versions table on upload screen
ATTACH:versions:footer Footer for versions table on upload screen

The ATTACH:row macros are expanded for each file in the attachment table, using the following special tags:

<-- -->
Sorted ascending
%A_ATTRS% The attributes of the file as seen on the upload screen e.g "h" for a hidden file
%A_COMMENT% The comment they put in when uploading it
%A_DATE% The date the file was uploaded
%A_FILE% The name of the file
%A_ICON% A file icon suitable for representing the attachment content
%A_REV% Revision of this file e.g. "1.1"
%A_SIZE% The size of the file
%A_URL% URL that will recover the file
%A_USER% The user who uploaded it

Note: it is easy to change the look and feel for an entire site by editing the twiki.tmpl template file. However, to simplify upgrading, you should avoid doing this. Instead, write a skin-specific template file e.g. attach.myskin.tmpl and use %TMPL:INCLUDE{attach.myskin.tmpl}% to include it in each of your skin files. As long as it it included after twiki.tmpl, your macro definitions will override the defaults defined there.


Packaging and Publishing Skins

See TWiki:Plugins/SkinPackagingHowTo and TWiki:Plugins/SkinDeveloperFAQ


Browsing Installed Skins

You can try all installed skins in TWikiSkinBrowser.


Activating Skins

A skin can be activated in two ways:

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  The ?skin=name URL parameter overrides the SKIN Preference value.
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