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    • Within a form-enabled web, individual topics can have a form or no form
  • form field - a named item in a form (replaces category item name)
  • field type - selects the INPUT type:
    • select - drop-down menu or scrollable box
    • checkbox - one or more checkboxes
    • checkbox+buttons - one or more checkboxes, plus Set and Clear buttons
    • radio - one or more radio buttons
    • text - a one-line text field
    • textarea - a text box; size is 40x10 (columns x rows)
Input type
<-- -->
Sorted descending
Type field Size field Value field
Read-only label text label 1 (unused)
One or more radio buttons radio number of radio buttons per line comma list of checkbox labels
One or more checkboxes, plus Set and Clear buttons checkbox+buttons (same) (same)
One or more checkboxes checkbox number of checkboxes per line comma list of checkbox labels
Drop-down menu or scrollable box label 1 for drop down, 2 and up for scrollable box comma list of options
A text box; size is 40x10 (columns x rows) textarea columns x rows, e.g. 40x6 (unused)
A one-line text field text text box width in number of characters (unused)
  • field value - one or more values from a fixed set (select, checkbox, radio type) or free-form (text). (replaces category item value)

Defining a Form in One Topic

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