Prof. Costas Foudas
Physics Department, High Energy Physics Group
University of Ioannina, F3.303, Ioannina, 45110, Greece
Contact Phone/Fax:
Office:         (+30)26510-08750
FAX:           (+30)26510-08688
Home:         (+30)26510-94434
Mobil:        (+30)6945670467

Research interests and activities:  

Current CV - Sep-2022    Publications from Spires    Publication Summary and Citations

Member of the CMS Collaboration at the LHC  Recent Event Pictures from CMS at the LHC

Current teaching activities at the University of Ioannina:

Lecture for incoming students

Modern Physics-I - Introduction to Special Relativity (Fall 2010)

Modern Physics-I - Quantum Phenomena (Fall 2011)

Modern Physics-II Nuclear and Particle Physics (Spring 2012)

Particle Physics 4th Year 2022 NEW Course !!!!!

Microprocessor Course - October 2019

Electricity Course - 2020

Electricity Course - 2021

Past teaching activities at Imperial College London (2000-2007):

Particle Physics Course: Spring 2007 (4th year undergraduate)

Microcomputer Course (3d year undergraduate) 2001 - 2006

Graduate Course on the Standard Model  2002-2006

Lectures on Electronics at Louvain (Nov 2002):

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