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Ioannis Evangelou

High Energy Physics Lab
Physics Department
University of Ioannina

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===> Welcome to my WebPage <====

Research Interests:

CMS experiment CMS collision event
  • High Energy Physics - Particle Physics (experimental)
  • Data taking - Data analysis (CMS experiment at CERN)
  • Detectors, Electronics and Microelectronics for HEP experiments
  • Applications using HEP Detection Techniques in Biomedicine
  • Tests and Measurements

    Short and Long CVs:

  • Short CV in english

  • "THALIS Formal" CV in greek

  • Extended CV in greek

    Up-to-Date full publication list, including citations (QSPIRES search):

  • Publications

    Useful Links:

    University of Ioannina main webpage

    HEPLAB webpage

    CERN main webpage

    CMS experiment at CERN

    HEPLAB 2008 Photo of HEPLAB's personel

    Physics Department 2008 Photo of UoI Physics Dept's personel


    Ioannis Evangelou
    Physics Department
    University of Ioannina
    45110 IOANNINA

    Phone: +30 26510 08525
    Fax: +30 26510 08688


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